姓名      刘阳      

职称:    副研究员(特聘副教授)

研究方向:Online platforms, User behavior用户行为   



毕业于上海财经大学管理科学与工程专业,获管理学博士学位。201911月至202011月,赴佛罗里达大学沃灵顿商学院参加博士生联合培养项目。在顶级期刊上发表多篇论文,包括Information Systems Research  (UTD24)Decision Support Systems (ABS 3)Journal of Business Research  (ABS 3)等。近期的研究兴趣包括在线社区、用户行为、知识共享等。担任Journal of Business ResearchPACIS(Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems) 2020&2022等重要期刊和会议审稿人。

[1]     Research Projects(项目和课题)  Participated in “Bilateral differential grouping method and application research considering task context”, the National Natural Science Foundation of China [grant number 71371115].

[2]     Hosted “Research on the influence of social influence on crowdfunding under cross-platformbased on static social relationship and dynamic social communication perspective”, the Postgraduate Innovation Foundation of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

[3]     Participated in “Research on the direct effect and spatial substitution effect of identity disclosure on UGC”, the Basic Research Foundation of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.


[1]     国家自然科学基金项目面上项目,考虑任务情境的双边差异性分组方法及应用研究,项目批准号:71371115,参加。

[2]     上海财经大学研究生创新基金项目,跨平台下社交影响力对众筹的影响研究——基于静态社交关系和动态社交传播视角,主持。

[3]     上海财经大学基本科研项目,身份披露对 UGC 的直接效应与空间替代效应研究,参加。

Publications(论文和著作)   UTD24:

[1]     Pu, J., Liu, Y.*, Chen, Y.*, Qiu, L., & Cheng, H. K. (2022). What questions are you inclined to answer? Effects of hierarchy in corporate Q&A communities. Information Systems Research, 33(1), 244–264. 

ABS 3:

[1]     Wang, N.#Liu, Y.#, & Xiao, S.#* (2022). Which feedback matters? The role of expressions and valence in continuous high-quality knowledge contribution in the online Q&A community. Decision Support Systems, 156(2022), 113750. 

[2]     Liu, Y., Chen, Y.*, & Fan, Z. P. (2021). Do social network crowds help fundraising campaigns? Effects of social influence on crowdfunding performance. Journal of Business Research, 122, 97–108.

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