美国伍斯特理工学院Jennifer Rudolph副教授、Jennifer deWinter副教授





   人:美国伍斯特理工学院Jennifer Rudolph副教授、Jennifer deWinter副教授 


1Jennifer RudolphUS Perceptions of China and Their Impacts toU.S.policies


2Jennifer deWinterUS communication styles and the current state of cross-cultural communication education in theUS




Jennifer Rudolph


Professor Jennifer Rudolph got her Ph.D. fromUniversityofWashington, whose main area of research is modern Chinese political history. She has written a book on institutional change in late imperialChinaand is currently writing a book on the urban history ofTaipei. She is particularly interested in topics that concern national identity on both sides of theTaiwan Strait.

Jennifer deWinter


Professor Jennifer deWinter got her Ph.D. fromUniversityofArizonain 2008 and she has long been interested in how culture (which is local) moves internationally. She has spent a number of years analyzing anime, comics, and computer games as part of global media flows in order to understand how concepts such as "art," "culture," and "entertainment" are negotiated.